As associate company it is our goal to help start-ups that show promise succeed in their respective fields. Additionally, we restructure existing companies and help them with further expansion. You have the idea – we provide everything that is needed to make it succeed.

The following four fundamental modules provide the basis for sustainable and successful corporate development:


We have a continually growing network of investors and partners that spans all over Europe. Here we can offer founders enormous potential: We the open doors to direct decision makers on the European playing field that would be inaccessible without our assistance.


We provide start-ups with the existing company structures of EDE and EDE related companies. This allows you to benefit from additional services in back office, logistics, accounting, etc., without having to engage in long-term obligations.


Additionally, we offer financial backing when it comes to realizing your ideas. This ensures that founders have the necessary capital at their disposal, so the focus can be put on quality, strategy and leading the company.

You have the idea, we provide the rest.

Course of action: Every year we accommodate two start-ups in our office. Once a “proof of concept” has been established after one year, investors will undertake a big round of financing. Even if you are still lacking the right idea for your start-up, and would prefer to gather some experience in the field first, we’ve got you covered. Just send us application and we will try to accommodate you in one of our start-ups, no matter if you are already an entrepreneur, or soon-to-be entrepreneur.


We assist founders in creating business- and marketing plans that will hold up to being scrutinized from every angle and lead to success once applied in a real-world situation. To achieve this, we connect you with mentors that have founded successful start-ups themselves. These mentors can set the right impulses beyond strategic planning – they can also aid you on an operational level through experience and the necessary know-how.

Next to the consultation and design of distribution channels/pricing models we put additional emphasis on practically oriented cooperation in the fields of software design, organization & process optimization.